Yet Another Redesign of My Blog Site

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Yet Another Redesign of My Blog Site published 13 Jul 2010 by

David Rivers
and tagged with redesign, site

Save blog entries about the redesigns themselves, I’m pretty sure that I have deployed more versions of my site than I have published articles to it. Nevertheless, this is yet another blog about my blogsite redesign. (As soon as I implement a tagging system this will be promptly filed under “who cares?”.) This post will be updated with more details as I continue to the build out the site, improving user experience and posting more content…


  • Improve layouts and design
  • Publish my portfolio
  • Load-time optimization (esp. LABjs or similar to defer loading of Disqus crap)
  • Write better content for the homepage
  • Generate a sitemap.xml
  • Implement a tagging system

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